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OPERA FUN - AMONG HEROIC DEEDS AND PANGS OF LOVE, with Madeleine Barringer, Sarah Silvmark and Karin Haglund, under the oak tree, with the Park Theatre, performing 131 June 27th 2014

It wasn’t until I sat myself down and began to slurp soup in the Seyhmus Vegetarian Restaurant on Varvsgatan in Stockholm that I stopped humming Non più andrai, farfallone amoroso, from The Marriage of Figaro. It's hard to hum and slurp soup simultaneously. It had been our farewell song, and we had sung it, sing-a-long-style, at the ending of the show. Not with the Italian text, of course, most of us had not even started school. We sang: 
"Say goodbye with your hand and start waving." Or something like that, I don’t remember: I had tried a lot of alternative lines on my bike ride from Galärparken,  the Royal Game Park an island in Stockholm, to the Söder, or Södermalm, an island and a district in the south of central Stockholm.
We had been to an opera for children, Under Eken, under the elm tree, at Djurgården, me and a bunch of well-behaved five year plusses. Not together, of course: I do not know any kids, neither of that age, under or over. 
The story is about Madeleine and Sara, who are opera singers, and Karin, who can play the piano so well it sounds like a whole orchestra. Sara plays theater and pretends that she is a boy, and Madeleine is a princess, and sends a love letter to Sara, and Sara, who does not know that it is Madeleine who sent the letter because it is amomymous, goes out into the world to look for the writer of the letter, and in the meantime Madeleine tries on a lot of nice necklaces, but they are enchanted, and she becomes disappears, but through our sounding like rain and wind so we conjure up a good fairy, and everything ends happily. 
And there is sung, of course, a whole lot of good opera. Gluck, Mozart, Gounod, Bach, Verdi, Massenet and Puccini, and a little Offenbach, where we all can join. They are the light, immediate melodies, all with made up easily understood Swedish lyrics.
They have gray-white rococo wigs, white powdered faces, and proper dress-up clothes: flared coats and dresses, breeches and the set design is simple, but efficient and attractive: a table and two chairs in period style, and a large screen to hide behind. 
This a very good way  to introduce kids to both the theater in general and opera in particular. The performers are easily accessible and often ask direct questions to the children, and they're taking in, and adapts to the answers. If I was a kid I’d loved this. And as an adult I find it very entertaining. 


Joakim Clifton Bergman 

Free, thanks Julia and theater together. 

So far, the performing arts in 2014 has cost me 6240 SEK(925 USD).

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HUNTING SCENES FROM LOWER BAVARIA with theater Together on topics: theater 

"People, the audience, starts to arrive. One of the actors who will play the unfaithful peasant servant, and who had just talked about trying to go on the subway for free, comes out and introduces a woman with a guitar. She, who is soon to play the butcher's wife, begins to sing Somliga Går Med Trasiga Skor(Some People Walk In Broken Shoes), and two women, one with a face like a boiled potatoes with a pony tail, and the other, an elongated Susan Sarandon, are talking louder and louder to drown out the vocals. They seem not to have seen each other in a long time, and I hear they have a lot to tell about themselves, and little time to listen. I blow my nose. "

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CYRANO, in a park in Hägerstensåsen:
"Behind me, they have finished the cheese platter and instead switched to coffee and cake. A great big saffroncolored, plump jelly roll is dumped in to a tupperware, and they drink coffee out of real china cups. There is no bottom in these here hags.
It's crazy, where does all that food go?
Do they vomit on the sly, or usethe back door?
How do they accommodate everything? The food and cheese and drink?
To me half is enough, of all I would erupt! "

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ESPRIT! with Loa Falkman, at Drottningholm Palace Theatre:

"The girl in the white empire dress rush up the stairs and to our bench, leans forward and whispers:
"I'm sorry, but is not allowed to take photos in here ..."
She was fast. I had only managed to take two photos and one of them a completely useless selfie, where I'm too close to the screen and Achromotrichia is so dark that he disappears in direct light from the stage.
There is a flash somewhere behind her, and she turns round: A little further away is a woman taking pictures of the ceiling. She rushes over, fast as greased lightning from the early 1800s. "

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